M.A.R.E. believes in the acceptance of all individuals and their unique qualities and abilities.

M.A.R.E. focuses on abilities and not disabilities.

M.A.R.E. works to increase each individual’s potential.

M.A.R.E. believes in educating the community about the use of horses in improving each rider’s quality of life.

I saw a child that couldn’t walk, sit on a horse, laugh and talk.
Then ride it through a field of daisies and yet he could not walk unaided.
I saw a child, no legs below, sit on a horse, and make it go
through woods of green and places he had never been to sit and stare except from a chair.
I saw a child who could only crawl, mount a horse and sit up tall.
Put it through degrees of paces and laugh at the wonder on our faces.
I saw a child born into strife, take up and hold the reins of life
and that same child was heard to say, ‘Thank God for showing me the way’.   -John Anthony Davies

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