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Horse Powered REAding- Horse Tales

Using M.A.R.E.’s Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) model of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) as the foundation, Horse Powered Reading, created by Dr. Michele Pickel is the core foundation of our curriculum. MARE's Horse Tales combines social-emotional learning with academics. Students see and experience reading with their entire mind, body and emotions by creating metaphors for the skills involved in reading. Research has shown it only takes a few key reading skills combined with motivation, self efficacy/confidence, and persistence, all of which are taught by the horses, to create a rapid growth in learning & reading. Additionally, Horse Tales type programs have shown EAAT learning enhances reading skills over time as students' develop improved social-emotional skills that foster greater achievements in academics at school. Often social-emotional issues, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues get in the way of student learning. Horse Tales can break through those issues giving students a chance to learn or reinforce reading and other academic skills. Students (k-12). Program opens 2021.  Full scholarships available for those that qualify and need it most.

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