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Veteran Program

M.A.R.E is working with veterans in the community by partnering with The Wounded Heroes Fund.

Many veterans and their families have spent countless hours in traditional therapies in clinical or educational setting. Many are discouraged by tedious repetition making difficult to fully engage participants. This program will engage veterans in social and physical experiences that facilitate acceptable behavior and boundaries that allow more outings and positive social interactions at home, work, school, and public places.

M.A.R.E provides a unique facility and outdoor setting to assist in meeting their individual goals by enhancing a plan of care through the movement of the horses. Programs focus on abilities by adapting exercises and activities that focus on emotional , physical , and mental abilities and channels them to succeed.

M.A.R.E. and WHF have seen success with veterans that have gone through the program and still attending. There has been an increase in confidence, growth in social skills and improvements in physical abilities.

If you would like to try and see the program please fill our Veteran Registration form and under programs choose "M.A.R.E. "

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For more information about Wounded Heroes Fund and how you can be involved or participate click on the link below.

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