Termite-frmd_web2016 Horse of the Year – Termite is ever-patient.  Senior citizens and young riders have groomed him with the assistance of walkers or mounting blocks while Termite remains unphased; he stands still.  He stands and waits while riders choose between doing a puzzle or blowing bubbles.  Termite walks carefully with riders that are more unbalanced; he doesn’t want one to fall.  His pace is slow and smooth which is reassuring and calm for riders that tend to be anxious.  Though he is an older horse, he can be quite spunky showing he is still young at heart.

Termite is an American Quarter Horse. He was 19 years old when he came to MARE in June 2014.

Termite was trained as a reining cow horse and was a working ranch horse on the San Emidigio Ranch.  He competed in ranch rodeos and carefully carried riders of all ages.  Termite adjusted to life at MARE very quickly.  He continues his job of taking care of people and creating happy memories for riders, staff and volunteers.

There are 5 million American Quarter Horses registered in the United States.  They are well known as a race horse, performance horse, and a working ranch horse.  They are small and refined with a strong, well-muscled body.