Ride-a-thon 2018

MARE’s 14th Annual Ride-a-thon will be April 3rd through 6th.

The Ride-a-thon is similarly structured to a jog/walk-a-thon, where participants ask family and friends to pledge a minimum of $11.00 to raise funds to that provide scholarships for the riders and support M.A.R.E. programs.   Click this link:

Sponsor a rider now

select a rider you know or one shown here (more will be added throughout March) and complete the information requested.  Our goal is to raise $50,000.

Thank you for supporting M.A.R.E. and our exceptional equestrians.

Andy and his horse Haven.
Austin and his horse George.
Ethan and his horse Cricket.
Drew and his horse George.
Jayden on his horse Cricket.
Daniel learned to 2-point while riding his horse Cricket.
Jericho helping tack Duke before she rider.
Thomas riding his horse Mulligan.
Parker on his horse Cricket.
Adam petting Cricket.
Amaya and her horse Cricket.
Aedan riding Cricket.