• Sonya Brewer: Executive Director

    PATH Int’l Certified Riding Instructor

    Sonya-Bug_webHorses have been a part of my life since I was 18 months old.  Over the years I have ridden both English and Western and from a young age I worked-to-earn my riding lessons.  My trainers taught me much more than cleaning stalls; they taught me about life through a horse.  As a shy child, horses brought out my confidence, taught me about hard work and perseverance, and were my safe place that captured my heart.

    In 2011, my husband and I moved to Bakersfield from Phoenix for work and to be near family.  In 2014, my husband and I were talking when I told him, “Someday, I want to run a therapeutic riding center”.  It is a passion of mine to help people see their abilities, to say “I can!”, to overcome their fears, to speak their first word, and to use horses as the vessel to do that.

    From first stepping onto the property at M.A.R.E. as a volunteer, I could see and feel the vision and my heart leapt.   I said to myself, “I would love to be a part of this”.  Throughout my life I have been part of many businesses, ministries, missions, churches, outreaches, Christian camps, and organizations, from small to big.  M.A.R.E. is definitely a special place and I feel blessed to be a part of it.

    God has led me down many roads in life and I feel that over the past few years He has been preparing me for this very purpose.  It has been my desire to serve in amazing and new ways.  I will be able to use my talents, gifts and experiences working with horses to help people conquer life’s barriers, gain confidence, feel movement, and make positive changes.  I am excited and honored to be able to serve M.A.R.E. as the Executive Director.  Along with the opportunity to carry-on its great legacy.



  • Angie Curtis: Program Director


    PATH Int’l Certified Riding Instructor

    Hi, my name is Angie Curtis.  I started volunteering at M.A.R.E. ago at age 13.  I fell in love with the program and after a year of volunteering on Saturdays I started to come out during the week after school to help with lessons.  When I turned, I took care of the barn on Sundays; I spent a majority of my time here at the barn.  When I turned 18 I became a certified riding instructor and taught for a little over a year, before moving on to try some new things in life.  I have two beautiful children Blake and Amelia; both love horses.  My husband, Justin, is excited about helping out at M.A.R.E., whenever he is able.  I have experience in starting  2 years olds under saddle, working with problem horses, and riding just about every style there is.  Horses have always been my passion, even though I was not brought up with horses in my family.  I now own one beautiful quarter horse mare, who gave birth to a colt in April 2017.  I have always tried to help people in whatever situation I have been in.  Coming back to M.A.R.E. as the Program Director was the perfect time in my life to combine horses and helping others.  I look forward to getting up every day and being part of such a wonderful team of people and horses.  I am excited for our future out here and can’t wait to see how we can grow this organization and help as many people possible in our community.

  • DebbyKate: Volunteer Coordinator

    I had the pleasure of knowing Diane as she was working with others as they began M.A.R.E.  I was not able to get involved at that time; my life took a path where I worked with a different set of animals.  Later, I was able to become involved as a supporter and volunteer.  It feels good, on the body and mind, to come work around the horses -whether it is hot or cold, wet or windy!  Now, as the volunteer coordinator, I have the opportunity to train others about what M.A.R.E. does and how their efforts benefit our horses and riders.  It is great to see volunteers eager to come and help because they understand how they are making a difference; they receive as much as they are give!  I am blessed to be here.

  • Tyler Patton: Barn & Facility Manager

  • Paige Balding


  • Ryan Darbee: Barn Assistant